1 3/4" (1.75")
+ $14
The Artisan collection is the creative dream. As an artisan glassmaker this collection really demonstrates Liam’s creativity, his understanding of the material and how to work the glass. These pieces are simply stunning and really bring art into the interior. These are solid glass pieces with the pattern being made up of glass right throughout the piece. Please enquire for pattern and color options as each one is unique and will be made especially for you and your color schemes. The artisan collection are the ultimate in custom design. Made to the finest of standards where the metal work is rolled over the glass swaged in position guaranteeing their durability and performance. Available in all Merlin finishes in a range of sizes including a made to measure service. Supplied singly on a threaded bar with nut and washer. A full range of matching door knobs available.
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Artisan Amber Artisan Amber Frosted Artisan Green Artisan Red And Yellow Artisan Red Artisan Red And Green Artisan Dark Red
Artisan Amber
Artisan Amber
1 3/4" (1.75")
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